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Since the beginning of Covid we have stated safety is the highest priority and it is important to make sure those values are up upheld. For everyone's protection SouthernCharmz Bash has decided on the following MANDATORY safety protocols. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE GRANTED.  

Each person MUST show us one of the following.
1. PROOF of vaccination or 2. Negative Covid Test within 3 days of arrival to the hotel. 
*Please note this is 3 days from the date you are to check in*  

Temperature checks taken a
t registration. Hand sanitizer will be available at Bash hotel for your convenience

Covid tests are FREE regardless if you have insurance or not.  Covid Test Locations will give results in 3 days. Please plan appropriately. 

If you do not feel comfortable bringing the original vaccination card you are able to show a photo from your phone. Please do not email documents. We do not want to keep any personal data. We just want to verify your vaccination or negative Covid status. 

We are vigilant in monitoring Covid and follow CDC guidelines for safety.

Admittance will be refused if Vaccination or Negative Test result can not be provided. No refunds or credit will be given from SouthernCharmz or the hotel.

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