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About SouthernCharmz

 I have struggled with insecurity and body image all my life. After many years, I finally began to love myself for everything that I am and not the size of clothes that I wear. I want every person regardless of size to feel they are beautiful exactly the way you are. I want to help people of size to have the confidence they always wanted. Together we can do just that!

I started BBW and admirer events and mixers in San Antonio in 2016 . In 2017 we transformed into the brand of SouthernCharmzBBW. We are not the first to put BBW Events in San Antonio together but what we stand for is something more. The focus is for each person to love themselves no matter their size and feeling confident in your skin in a open, loving and nonjudgmental zone.  

A BBW is a big beautiful woman. 

A BHM is a big handsome man

Beauty is the size of your heart, not your pants!! The most important relationship is the one with yourself. Once you love yourself you can appreciate the others that come in your life. 




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