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Here are all of the Promos that I am offering for Bashers 

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Only one promo may be used per room. If see you qualify for more than one promo please contact me to advise which you would prefer to use. 

Bash Fee Promos

1. Gift Bash Passes 

If you get 3 people to register and they state you referred them you will get a Gifted Bash Pass! If you have paid fees give it to whom ever you like. If you haven't paid fees you are more than welcome to use it for yourself! 

2.  Group Bash Fees

I am offering Bash Fee discounts for groups. To register for the discounted bash fee you MUST either contact me directly to send you an invoice or use as the pay pal account. When you pay the bash fees, you must enter the correct dollar amount for the number of passes you want to purchase. Please provide all names of persons the bash fees are covering in pay pal note section. The discounted bash fees MUST be paid as one pay pal transaction a group and can not be booked individually. Once fee is paid all bashers must fill out a registration form. The person who the room reservation is going to be under must fill out the registration form including all roommates and card information to hold the reservation. 

2 Bashers- $ 130.00  (saving $20.00)

3 Bashers- $ 180.00  (saving $40.00)

4 Bashers- $ 240.00  (saving $60.00)

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