What to know about Bashing while Living Local 

You may attend bash if you are not staying that the hotel but a full bash pass is required.

Bashing, Staying at the hotel and Being a local.


Since there will be alcohol it is best to be cautious. We want to make sure you are safe.  This is no different than someone getting a room downtown during Fiesta. 

1. It gives you the complete bash experience. There are activities that are offered to Elite bashers only. If you are not staying at the hotel you can not take advantage of these activities.

2. You limit the activities you can take advantage of. For example you come to take a dip in the pool but you want to take advantage of the night party. Not staying at the hotel, you have to go home and get dressed for the night party.

3. There will not be rooms for you to get ready in. There is one restroom by the pool for non-Elite bashers can use to change into swimsuits and change back to regular clothes. There are no dressing rooms or extra rooms for someone to take a shower or get ready for the club night.

4. Not having a room to change for other events means you have to drive home and get ready only to drive back to the hotel to take advantage of the rest of the bash that is outside of pool.

5. You might miss an activity you really want to take advantage of because you have to drive home to change for the dance night after a day of activities and pool time.

6. Think convenience verses cost verses time away from bash. Yes you could save money by not staying at the hotel if you live locally. If you find a roommate you split costs on the room. Only you know if spending a little extra for the hotel stay is worth being able to do more at the bash because you are not wasting time driving back and forth to get ready for the next event.

7. If the hotel sells out you are not guaranteed a bash pass will be offered to you.

8. Your Bash Pass is $75.00 for the weekend. 

9. If you miss activities, your bash fee does not change.

10. Your bash check in is later. Elite bash check in starts at 11 am Friday so they can start bashing and enjoy live that is being provided. Non-Elite basher registration check in is 4pm on Friday. Non-bashers must wait until 2pm on Saturday to take advantage of the events.

11. Selling out the hotel allows us to do more partying and more activities.

12. The bash is in September. You have enough time to get a roommate or save for a room.

13. No DWIs or driving drunk. Texas is one of the biggest offenders of drunk driving. Bashes are pretty well known for people sharing liquor. Be responsible and be safe.